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SingleHop is a popular and renowned hosting provider that has been known since a long time in the field of web hosting. With guaranteed support, the staff and representatives at this company are available for help and assistance all 24*7; 365 days a year anytime you need their services. The best part about this web host is that it guarantees hundred percent network uptime. This ensures satisfied and happy customers for the company. What is more interesting about the web hosting provider is that there is one hour guaranteed hardware replacement.

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SingleHop is in fact the ultimate solution for all your web hosting requirements. You can easily rely on the services offered by this web host and ensure that your site works best for your benefit. It has been seen that the visitors to a site return unsatisfied because of the time taken to load pages. With SingleHop, you can be sure that your site will load promptly thus ensuring more and more visitors each day. There is even the LLEAP server control available at this company. Further, you can enjoy 100 Mbsp port on all servers and there are even a huge plethora of web hosting plans made available by SingleHop for its customers.

You can also be sure of easy to begin and easy to use feature with this hosting company. There are a number of software that you can also get at this company including CentOS, Debian, Plesk, Windows Server 2003, cPanel and Windows Server 2008 among various others.

What you can test about this company is their 24*7 customer support service. Just call them at 3 AM and see how quickly and promptly they help you solve your queries. You can also enjoy the $200 cash back offer in case you switch from some competitor of the company.

Another exceptional quality worth noticing about the SingleHop is that they have dedicated account executive working for each single customer and so no matter the number of servers you are featured with, you can get help on all without any difficulty.

7 days money back scheme is also a nice feature of SingleHop. Unlike other web hosting service providers, SingleHop will not compel you to pay for full month in case you have decided to leave their services after some days. Last but not least, there is 5,000 GB of transfer standard and there are some servers as well that have the 10,000 GB transferring capability.

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